About My Business
CyReflexology was opened in July of 2004. After 14 successful years in
Omaha, NE, and a few months of working in Council Bluffs, IA, my new
location is in Goshen, IN. Please call or text me at 5
74.241.3020  for
directions and appointments. Or, send an email to

If you prefer texting, I welcome texts as well.

My Experience with Reflexology:

My name is Connie Young. I decided to become a Reflexologist at the
urging of my mother and my sister after working on their feet for nearly
ten years.

I learned about Reflexology at the age of 21 in Canada while visiting
family. I was skeptical that working on feet could really help me or
others. But, it really felt great! So, I enjoyed the sessions and the benefits
of health others gave me, even if I did not understand how the sessions
were helping me.

In 1993-94 I moved to Hong Kong for eight months. A Reflexology
student in Hong Kong asked me to be her “test” case. For six weeks I
experienced the Asian method (no pain, no gain) of Reflexology and then
felt the amazing results that changed my attitude toward the Reflexology
forever. The recurring pain from fibrocystic breast disease vanished from
my life after the third session. That pain has never returned!

While in Hong Kong my mother, a diabetic with Type II diabetes,
contracted gangrene and I flew back to Indiana to be with her during her
surgery. Her right foot had to be amputated just below her knee. I began
working on her left foot every day in the hospital. I saw an amazing
change in her left foot after consistent sessions of Reflexology. Ten
years later, a doctor she visited found it unbelievable that she still had
the left foot. He said, “Most people lose the second foot within a year or
two.” My sister and I believe Reflexology gave her another ten years of
quality living without losing that second foot.

When you are healthy, Reflexology may feel like a gentle and relaxing
relief to the feet and hands, but it is not massage. In Asia I learned the
“Asian” method and at the International Institute of Reflexology (IIR), I
studied the Western method of Reflexology. What I do is a combination
of these two methods.

In the last few years, I have developed an additional piece to the
reflexology session that has enhanced the effectiveness of my
reflexology sessions. I am currently writing a book that fully describes my
combination method of reflexology and how this new addition works
within the session.

You can read more about Reflexology at the IIR Web Site (www.

Training and Experience

Hong Kong (Asian Method):
experiential training.

International Institute of Reflexology (IIR): over 1000 hours of training
seminars, study, and sessions.

National Certification Training: I am currently studying for the National
Certification Exam through the Reflexology Certification Board (RCB)

CyReflexology: I have had thousands of client sessions. My business
has been open since the Summer of 2004 and continues to grow. I only
do Reflexology. I am NOT a massage therapist.

If you are interested in a reflexology session at
please email me at
or phone or text me at my business phone number